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Writers — If You Want To Sell Your Book, Get Pinning. | by Ellen “Jelly” McRae | The Startup | Apr, 2024

There’s little point in releasing a book if you have no plans to market it. You might as well leave it as a carefully crafted draft on your computer.

I’m on the precipice of publishing my first book and staring down the most significant achievement of my life. Like most first-time authors, I have a zero marketing budget.

Harnessing the power of social media is my only option if I’m going to make money.

I can’t rely on self-publishing alone to make sales, nor can I sit back and hope people will find my book and buy it on the spot. I have to work for my sales.

Luckily, we have a few social media platforms, including Pinterest, built to make selling books easy. I’m getting onto Pinterest now, before launch, to prep my sales campaign.

Let’s break down the strategy I will use to sell my book and why I know this focus will increase sales, followers, and exposure to my book.

(And feel free to steal this strategy. I want to sell lots of books together!)

For context, my book is a romance fiction novel set in Melbourne, Australia.

The strategy I will describe isn’t specific to fiction writing or publishing a romance book. It’s specific to selling books but can be applied to other products.

In an article dedicated to social media for writers, I spoke about why Pinterest is one of the underutilised social media platforms for writers. But in case you didn’t read it, let’s dive deep.

“Pinterest and Google are similar beasts. If you understand Google’s premise, you can master Pinterest.

They function as search engines. Despite their interface differences, they essentially operate the same way.

When users enter a topic they want to learn more about, Pinterest provides the answers in the form of aesthetic content.

Behind the beautiful pictures, creators can add links to their website, online store, other

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