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Southside Bank automates workflows | Bank Automation News

Southside Bank is looking to Jack Henry’s Enterprise Workflow solution to automate tasks, freeing up human resources and sparking innovation.  After one year of...



Should I avoid CPP premiums by paying myself dividends

Breadcrumb Trail LinksPersonal FinancePassing on the premiums might save money today but cost you retirement income in the futurePublished May 17, 2024  • ...


Triple-I Blog | IRC: Homeowners Insurance Affordability Worsens Nationally, Varies Widely by State

By Max Dorfman, Research Writer, Triple-I Average U.S. homeowners insurance premiums have increased at a rate that has outpaced household income from 2001 to...

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Things to Do on St. Patrick’s Day: Ready in 5 Minutes!

Author: Kristina    Published: 03/15/2024    Updated: 03/16/2024 In this post I share our favorite way that we make St. Patrick's Day fun for our...

6 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Baby!

Valentine’s Day usually stirs up thoughts of table lit candles, dressed up date nights, bouquets of roses, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Then you have...

Costco Has Unleashed A 3.5 Pound Banana Cream Pie Upon The World

Is there anything more exciting than when Costco drops a new pie? And one that is as big a hubcap and weighs more...

Rainbow Toast – A fun St. Patrick’s Day snack idea!

Author: Kristina    Published: 03/16/2024    Updated: 03/16/2024 Inside this post I share the coolest St. Patrick's Day snack! It's rainbow toast for kids! It's...

How to Create the Minimalist Montessori Playroom of Your Dreams

Journey through a tour of my recently renovated minimalist Montessori playroom and see how we created a space our kiddos love! Our mission...

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Rethinking Productivity: Less Hustle, More Harmony, More Energy

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” ~Lao Tzu I can hear the voices now: “You should be disappointed in yourself”...

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