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The Psychology Of Moving Your Projects Forward When You’re Stuck [It’s Easier Than You Think]

From grandma’s rules to the IKEA effect.

Martina D.
The Startup
4 principles you can use to get unstuck. /Photo: Sincerely Media

Recently I found myself giving every excuse imaginable to justify not moving projects forward.

Particularly the next book I’m writing. It just wasn’t clicking for weeks. I would do everything else but.

When we enter this state of mind, it’s often incredibly hard to snap out of it.

And then, just as you realize you have hardly any hair left to pull out, you get the kick. Either someone else gives you it. Or your inner CEO returns from their indulgent holiday. And things are easy again. You’re the epitome of discipline again, back on the road.

But here’s the problem:

Most of us can’t afford to wait for weeks to let things happen as they will.

Luckily you can use a few proven psychology principles to drastically speed up the process. And they’re actually quite straightforward:

This for me has been a recurring pattern.

I struggle and struggle until I realize the reason I’m struggling is one of these 3:

  • I’m overwhelmed with the…

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