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Leni Klum’s dolly bob is making us want to chop off all our hair

Leni Klum’s new hairstyle caught us completely off guard, but we’re so here for it.

Klum is no stranger to changing up her hair, with it being less than a month since she refreshed her look. First, she went from blonde to the most gorgeous chocolatey shade at the start of 2024, and then she graduated to a butterfly cut before debuting XXL extensions at the start of April.

And now, she’s switching her hair up again in favour of a short, short bob which we’re dubbing the ‘dolly bob’. Shorter than anything we’ve ever seen on the model before, her new haircut features curly bangs that are to die for.

Leni Klum gave us a glimpse of the new look via her Instagram Stories, in which you can see her prepping for a shoot with Dior. It’s on her second story that things get exciting: a hand with scissors can be seen cutting her hair, with no sign of extensions in sight.

Instead, the model’s hair has been trimmed shorter than chin-length.

Leni Klum


It’s official: Leni is now sporting doll-like, curled micro-bangs. It’s undoubtedly a drastic change from the look she showed on the red carpet just a few days ago.

Leni Klum


Incidentally, we haven’t been able to get a full view of the final chop yet – but we’re obsessed from this preview alone.

Admittedly, this could be a wig, despite the scissors in shot – though we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as soon as we see Leni hit the red carpet with her new dolly bob.

This feature originally appeared on Glamour Germany.

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