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International Capabilities of Buying and Selling Businesses

The following is an excerpt from “Acquisitional Wealth: The Fastest, Most Proven Way to Create Life-Changing Prosperity” by Josh Tolley. Having acquired over 100 companies in his lifetime, Tolley shares his advice on how people can make money and build their financial future by using one of the oldest financial methods.

One of the most powerful yet overlooked aspects of acquisitional wealth is the international capabilities associated with buying and selling companies. Regardless of your political views on immigration, particularly illegal immigration, there is one thing that all sides can agree on, and that’s the tragedy of the process. Starvation, injury, kidnapping, burglary, rape, slavery, and human trafficking are all destroying lives for people trying to cross not only the American border but borders all around the world. To make matters worse, these people, often families with young children, are paying tens of thousands of dollars to risk everything in an effort to make it across the border of a new country.

When I see these tragedies on the news, knowing that the smugglers hired to traffic these people are paid up to $9,000 per adult, I cannot help but think about how many people could be saved if they just would have known they could have gotten an E-2 visa (that is what it is called in the US, but over 150 other countries have something similar) for buying a business and, in as little as two weeks and possibly for less money than they are paying the human traffickers, they would have been given an open door to the country with the red carpet rolled out for them!

Yes, you read that correctly. For families spending $50,000 to traffic themselves across the border (or individuals who could have found four others to pool together), they wouldn’t
have had to worry about starvation, drowning, kidnapping, or rape just to live for the next 10 years in constant fear of deportation. For the same amount of money, they could have not only been welcomed with open arms in as little as 14 days, but they would also have a profitable business providing a healthy income from day one of arrival.

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The E-2 program is a visa specifically designed for those who are becoming business owners in America. The concept is simple: Every country and every political system benefits from economic growth. If someone is willing to invest in a business that empowers a country through jobs, taxes, etc., they should be welcomed in.

Here’s an example of how this program can benefit a family. Say a family from Mexico finds a business to buy in North Platte, Nebraska. They put their $50,000 down on a $400,000 business. By the time the seller hands over the keys, the family has a business delivering $100,000 of yearly income and legal access to the United States.

Another example could be the average American voter who seems to get more disgruntled every election cycle no matter which side wins. She decides she would like to get an EU passport because the American one is getting less admired around the world, and if the proverbial cow excrement ever does hit the fan, she wants the ability to bug out—way out. She finds a nice business in the Netherlands with a dozen or so employees, and not only is she granted a visa almost immediately, but she is on a superfast track to dual citizenship and the second official passport.

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Sometimes when I teach on this subject someone might complain that what I’m explaining seems to be “cheating the system.” While this complaint is understandable at first, the objector needs to realize this is the system. It is available to all who can afford to participate (so no, not just the rich—most any group of five or more could afford to do this) and should not be viewed as a cheat code but just part of a system that has been in place for generations that you were never taught about.

The real complaint should be why you were never taught what the real game of life really looks like. Instead, we were taught the false game of employment for living, saving (hopefully), and then retiring, a path which has had a terrible track record. Regardless of who taught us these ways of life, it’s now time for a change.

A word of wisdom: Please do not go about this process alone. It is strongly recommended to hire the services of a good immigration attorney who specializes in E-2 visas. Combine the work done by your immigration attorney and the work of your business broker and you will be enjoying the benefits of your new nation before you know it.

This excerpt from Acquisitional Wealth, copyright © 2024 by Josh Tolley, is reprinted with permission from Matt Holt Books, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc. “Acquisitional Wealth: The Fastest, Most Proven Way to Create Life-Changing Prosperity” is available on Amazon.

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