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I Grew a Faceless YouTube Channel to 300K Subscribers In A Year | by Jenn Leach | The Startup | Apr, 2024

And Now I’m Selling It

Jenn Leach
The Startup
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

That’s right! I spent time building and creating a flourishing YouTube channel. It grew super fast and got up to millions of views per video.

Now, it’s time to sell.

Here’s why and how I plan to do it…

After running the channel for roughly a year and a half, I decided to take a break.

That was a few years ago.

Thinking I’d return, I held onto the channel.

Time and then more time passed. I never picked it back up. I even thought I might rebrand it and monetize it in a different niche.

But, it never happened.

I realized after some time that YouTube wasn’t my favorite platform to create content for, haha.

Something about long-form videos. They take long to film and long to edit, even if you’re faceless.

I just prefer short-term content creation like TikTok.

So, it’s time to sell.

Here’s how I will do it…

Believe it or not, you can sell a social media account. There are tons of platforms out there that offer this service.

I’ve never done it successfully for a standalone social account. I always pair it with a website and sell the two as a bundle.

But this time, I’ll sell the YouTube channel alone.

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