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Gigi Hadid Inspired Me to Try Le Specs Sunglasses

Every year as summer approaches, sunglasses become the one accessory I can’t leave the house without. Not only do they protect my sensitive eyes from the bright sunlight, but they also infuse even the most basic outfit with an instant dose of cool-girl style. That being said, I’ve always had a hard time convincing myself to spend a ton of money on designer sunnies. I’m constantly misplacing them or tossing them into my bag, only to later find that the temples are bent or the lenses are scratched. 

Enter Le Specs, the affordable, celeb-loved sunglasses brand that, at the risk of sounding dramatic, has changed my life (or at least my wardrobe). Back in 2018, I fell in love with Le Specs after spotting the now-iconic Last Lolita style on stars like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and I knew I needed to get my hands on a pair.

Six years and 10 pairs of Le Specs later, it’s safe to say I’m one of the brands’ biggest fans—but certainly not the only one. Besides Hadid and Jenner, celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo, Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Lopez, and Dua Lipa have cosigned Le Specs’ stylish sunglasses. The best part? Most pairs cost under $100.              

Outta Love Sunglasses


With a slim oval silhouette inspired by the ‘90s, the Outta Love Sunglasses are my favorite Le Specs offerings—so much so that I have them in both black and caramel. (FYI: The caramel colorway is on sale on Amazon right now, so you can snag them for a few dollars off.) I love how flattering and versatile these frames are; they convey a retro elegance or a breezy, cool vibe depending on how you style them. The dark lenses are also a major selling point for me, since, as I mentioned above, I have light-sensitive eyes. 

Jordan Julian

Earlier this spring, Lila Moss wore this style in a video for British Vogue. In the video, the 21-year-old exuded effortless model-off-duty energy, pairing the glasses with a brown leather bomber jacket and black jeans.     

Work It! Sunglasses

Le Specs

The Work It! sunglasses, meanwhile, have a similar oval silhouette, but they’re slightly larger and have a more exaggerated rounded shape. This best selling style is a celebrity fave, with Olivia Rodrigo and Gigi Hadid recently sporting them in black. Rodrigo wore her Work It! sunglasses with a basic black tank and Minnie Mouse ears on a trip to Disneyland, while Hadid styled them with a tailored blazer for a dressier look. In addition to the black option, there are four other colors to choose from, including translucent nougat and bold hot pink.      

Love Train Sunglasses

Le Specs

Metal-rimmed sunglasses, like the limited edition Le Specs Love Train style, are one of this year’s biggest sunglasses trends. From the gold frames to the khaki-colored lenses, these sunnies are neutral enough to go with any outfit, yet they add a high-fashion flair. They also have adjustable nose pads for an ultra comfortable fit. Sydney Sweeney and Gigi Hadid are both fans of this futuristic style.      

The Thirst Sunglasses

Le Specs

While small, vintage-inspired sunglasses have been trendy for a few years now, you may prefer bigger frames like the Thirst style. These oversized sunglasses are for when you want to channel your glam side and make a statement, just like Jennifer Lopez did in the pink quartz colorway. Plus, now is the perfect time to add the Thirst sunnies to your cart—they’re currently on sale for just $50.

If you still haven’t found the right Le Specs sunglasses for you, keep scrolling for more under-$100 options to round out your summer wardrobe.  

Unreal! Sunglasses


Air Heart Sunglasses


Tragic Magic Sunglasses

Le Specs

Liar Liar Sunglasses


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