Monday, May 20, 2024

Dr Federica Amati – This Episode Is Going To Help Your Long Term Health!

I start this episode with a short sponsored review of the brilliant Current Body LED Face Mask. I’ll explain why I think it really stands out in the market and go through some really interesting stats and facts with you. If you’d like to try it following the episode then use code OUTSPOKEN to get 15% off all the Current Body LED Devices.

The main episode is with returning guest, the utterly brilliant and leading nutritionist Dr Federica Amati. Federica who is a Clinical medicine research and implementation Scientist focusing on Public Health Nutrition has written a life-changing book called Every BODY Should Know This and it’s the ultimate nutrition and health guide for every chapter of life from newborn to old age.

Federica doesn’t beat around the bush and is upfront and honest in our conversation about what is best for us. (There were a few home truths that were hard to hear but I was so grateful for her honesty).

In brief, if we don’t change the way we think about our food and health then we may have a long life but there’s every chance that it won’t be a healthy one. There are changes we can make now that are proven to help protect us from such a huge array of illness and disease and it’s our responsibililty to take charge of our health. If this sounds good to you, then listen to what Fed has to say….she’ll help you in so many ways and her wisdom and expertise is exceptional.

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