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Inside look: BNY Pershing X product pipeline

Inside look: BNY Pershing X product pipeline

BNY looks to client feedback and demand when planning the product pipeline within its technology arm, Pershing X. 

“We’re hearing feedback from our clients, and we’re delivering solutions based on what we’re hearing,” Noam Tasch, head of revenue at Pershing X, told Bank Automation News. 

For example, last year, the bank launched its advisory product and a year later rolled out its investor product Wove Investor, he said. When the advisory tool launched, the bank formed a group of clients and prospects to offer feedback on the solution and one response from the group was, “Don’t stop at advisers — and we didn’t,” Tasch added.


Wove Investor, which launched June 4, allows investors to view information from multiple accounts in one place, according to the Pershing X website. 

“Advisers asked us to create a simple, interconnected portal for their clients, so we built Wove Investor,” Ainslie Simmonds, president of Pershing X and Pershing Global head of strategy, said in a June 4 release. 

Along with Wove Investor, the bank added Wove Data and Portfolio Solutions on the platform on June 4. 

“That goes a long way to show not only do we listen and we’re finding pockets of pain points (in the industry), but we’re actually relatively quickly delivering solutions,” he said. 

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