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DIY Outdoor Water Wall for Kids

DIY Outdoor Water Wall for Kids

Inside this post we share how we made this easy DIY outdoor water wall for kids in just a few minutes! It’s such a fun and simple to set up water play activity!

Why make an outdoor water wall for kids?

Water play is such a big part of outdoor play for kids, especially during the summer heat! Water tables can be expensive, bulky, and hard to store! Outdoor water walls can use whatever space you have and can be big or small!

I love outdoor water walls because they let kids explore simple science ideas, like gravity and forces, and also allow them to problem solve and play!

I highly recommend you try out making an outdoor water wall for your kids!

How do you make an outdoor water wall for kids?

A DIY outdoor water wall can be such an exciting addition to your backyard or patio! It’s a great way to explore simple science principles with kids and get wet on a hot day too!

  • Start by gathering your materials! All of the items we used are linked below.
  • Next, play around with the tubes, pool noodles, and zip ties to anchor the water wall to your fence. Older kids can help with this! Do not let younger kids play with zip ties!
  • After that, add your funnels to the top of the tubes.
  • Finally, fill up some storage bins with water and place them below the tubs and funnels. Add in some tools like turkey basters and mini pitchers.
  • Let kids play!

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What you need to make an outdoor water wall

Pop tubes are bendable and stretchy and so much fun for kids to play with! They make a great water wall base for the water to flow through.

Zip ties are a quick way to attach tubes and other materials to a fence to make this easy to set up water wall. Do not let younger kids play with zip ties!

The Dollar Store has inexpensive funnels you can buy in a three pack. We bought several of these and they fit perfectly with our pop tubes. We didn’t attach them to the tubes, so they can be moved around and used in different ways as kids explore the water wall.

Under bed storage bins are the MVP of outdoor water play! They’re cheaper than buying a big water table and can be used to easily store your water play materials when they’re not being used. Kids also don’t have to be tall to reach them since they’re right on the ground!

Kids love to pour! Mini pitchers make pouring extra fun for kids of all ages. Add them to your collection of tools for your water wall.

Jumbo droppers are an excellent tool for helping kids squeeze and squirt water! Add these to your water wall for some fun and fine motor skill building.

Have you introduced a turkey baster to your kids yet? They are the coolest to use to suck up and transfer water! Kids are always blown away by how much water can move when we use them. Try these if you haven’t before!

Pool noodles are an inexpensive tool to use to make a water wall! Grab them at a local hardware store or on amazon. We love using several colors. They can easily be cut and bent to work for your water wall! Just cut them with a serrated knife.

How to make a pool noodle water wall?

Want to use pool noodles to make a water wall? Here’s our simple pool noodle water wall tutorial! We just used materials we had around the house.

More simple water activities for kids

Here are a few more easy and fun water activities for kids! Do you have any others you love? Tell us about them in the comments.

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