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Best Deals and Discount Codes on Pregnancy & Baby Products

Best Deals and Discount Codes on Pregnancy & Baby Products

Here are some of the nice maternity and baby deals happening right now. Keep checking in because I will update these often.

I also often asked the brands I like for discount codes that I can pass on to readers.

They are woven throughout the site, but I thought it might be helpful for you to have them all in one spot (and helpful for me so I can hit them up for another code if one expires).

Let me know if you’re on the hunt for a discount on a specific brand or baby product and I’ll see what I can do.

Let me know if you have any issues with the codes or if they don’t work.

Splash Sandals

Ten Littles finally got their bestselling Spash Sandals back in stock and all four colors are available.

These sandals are different because they have:

  • Wide, foot-shaped toe boxes (not narrow and won’t squish toes)
  • Secure fit with adjustable velcro straps and closed back heel cups (not too loose or reliant on a single back strap)
  • Flat, flexible soles (not heeled which can negatively impact gait and posture)
  • Soft, comfortable EVA material with quick-drying, water-friendly materials


30% off baby pajamas

Target has 30% off Burt’s Bees Baby & Elle Olivia baby pajamas right now.

They come in short and footie styles and range from $10 – $14!


15% off Tinybeans

A great alternative to social media and a safer way to share your photos with friends and family (no matter how untechy they are!) You can see the full review here.

It’s a free app, but if you want to upgrade to the Tinybeans+ plan, you can get 15% off a yearly subscription.

Use the code: PC15


10% off ByHeart

ByHeart goes above and beyond to create a superior formula at a reasonable price that is easy to access and gentle on new digestive systems. You can check out my review on them and see how they compare to organic formulas.

Get 10% off your subscription the first time you order. Details can be found here. Use the code: CHICKEN10


10% off Bobbie

If you’re on the hunt for a European style infant formula that can legally be purchased in the U.S., Bobbie is worth checking out. You can check out my review on them and see how they compare to other organic formulas.

Get 10% off Bobbie formula on their website. Use the code: Chick10


15% off Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely makes the best pajamas, loungewear, nursing bras (I LOVE their sleep bras), etc. and I always recommend them for comfy items when you’re a billion years pregnant or feeling plump and puffy postpartum. (Maybe that’s just me and I’m projecting a bit.)

I have recommend them as gifts and as a great place to find good nursing bras. and I have a sitewide Kindred Bravely discount for 15% off.



40% off Frida Baby Bitty Bundle of Joy

Amazon has this great Frida Baby set that includes the Nose Frida the SnotSucker, 20 Nose Frida Hygiene Filters, 10 Windi the Gas Passer instant gas relief tubes, a Nail Frida Snipper Clipper set with clippers and a newborn file, a Fridet Mom Washer, and a waterproof Fridet pouch.

It’s usually $49.99 but Amazon has it for $30 right now. All of the products are helpful (IMO) and would also make a great baby shower gift.


10% off Child CPR Course

Get 10% off Moms on Call’s Infant and Child CPR, Choking & First Aid Online Course.

I like this one because there’s no fluff or filler and it gets to the point. Even if it’s not this course, take a child cpr course, okay? It’s important.

Use the code: CHICKEN10


75% Off Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl has a great sale running on their website that includes bandana bibs, swaddles, quilts, burp cloths, multi-use covers, etc.

They make beautiful stuff and the quality is amazing!


20% off Skillmatics

Skillmatics makes award-winning family games and educational toys that are amazing. They make the best birthday and holiday gifts because kids love them and parents appreciate the play value (and the fact that they aren’t a kazoo).

Get 20% off Skillmatics sitewide and it’s stackable with their 15% off bundles!

Use the code: PC20


Up to 47% off HABA

Target has a nice selection of toys from Haba on sale right now. They make high quality toys that promote learning and early development skills. It’s a great brand.


Also, check out how to get the best baby freebies!

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