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These Are the 6 Most Requested Nail Trends of 2024

These Are the 6 Most Requested Nail Trends of 2024

Vibrant Ombre French Tips: Bold Colors or Classic Elegance

We’ve been seeing ample fashion and beauty inspo boomeranging back from the early 2010s, so it was only a matter of time before ombre manicures returned to the spotlight. “This summer, French manicures are getting a vibrant makeover,” Choi says. “Instead of the traditional white tips in a clean French shape, embrace bold colors like purples, greens, yellows, or even a rainbow of shades in ombre, with each finger showcasing a different hue. This colorful twist on a classic look adds a fun and modern flair, perfect for the sunny season.”

Meanwhile, if bold colors aren’t your thing, Choi says to still stick to the ombre application. “For those who prefer a more understated style, white ombre French tips offer a subtle yet elegant gradient effect,” she explains. “Whether you choose vivid colors or a refined ombre, these updated French tips are sure to make a stylish statement.”

Best of all, ombre nails are easy to DIY. Simply prep your nails, dab your chosen colors on with a little sponge, clean up the edges, and finish with top coat.

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