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The Startup Magazine When to Renovate Your Office and Why It Matters

The Startup Magazine When to Renovate Your Office and Why It Matters

One of the challenges of running a successful business is knowing when to invest your money and where it can do the most good. On paper, it seems like the smartest option is to always pump as much money as possible into productivity, marketing, and sales, as this maximizes profits and ensures that the essentials all get covered.

However, sometimes it’s necessary to invest your business funds elsewhere, such as in your commercial space. 

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When Your Office Needs Renovation

Whether you rent a commercial space or own it, it’s up to you to ensure that your office is in proper working condition. True, if you’re a tenant, the landlord has some responsibilities when it comes to making sure the property is in good repair, but the decoration is still up to you. If you own the property, everything is on your shoulders.

When you first move into a commercial property, it’s important to put your own stamp on it. Depending on what you use it for, you may need to alter the layout to suit the needs of your workers and any customers. But you might also need to update the office later down the road.

If you have employees, they might raise concerns about the office environment. In this case, listen to their concerns and consider any needed improvements. Otherwise, you might notice that the office needs updating or is no longer fit for purpose. You might need new equipment to keep production high, which could mean changes. 

Another good time to change is if your company goes through a rebranding process. The office then needs to be adjusted to suit the new brand, and this could mean a renovation.

Professionalism and a Good Working Environment

But why does it matter so much?

Your office or workplace is the face of your business. Even if a lot of the business itself is conducted elsewhere, it still has an impact on your employees and can affect the opinions of customers, clients, shareholders, and other visitors. This can in turn damage the reputation of your business.

If the work environment is shabby, out of date, or in disrepair, it reflects poorly on the business and the product. A client may feel as though someone who doesn’t care about their environment also doesn’t care about the product or service they deliver. Essentially, it isn’t professional. 

Another consideration is your employees. If they work in an unpleasant environment, their morale and creativity might suffer. But if you want engaging work meetings, good ideas, and a strong work ethic, you need to provide a place to work that facilitates this.

You also need to ensure that the work environment is safe. Bad maintenance jobs can lead to a hazardous workplace, which not only risks your employees but also risks your business. If someone is injured due to a hazard, it can end up being a very expensive problem that heavily impacts productivity, not to mention the human factor of someone getting hurt.

How to Renovate Your Office

First, you need to plan what needs to be done with the office, and how to continue running the business while it’s unusable. In some cases, you might have to pause trading until you can use certain equipment, but often you can make do with a remote working setup to allow employees and yourself to continue working. 

Some renovations are more important than others. For example, the flooring of your office might not seem important, but unsafe flooring can be a major hazard. You need to provide appropriate flooring for the job, and ideally flooring that is attractive. Commercial flooring is often a less expensive option, and it covers most of your bases.

As well as working out what renovations are necessary, you should hire the appropriate contractors. Your employees aren’t trained or hired to renovate the office unless you happen to run a decorating business, so it likely isn’t appropriate to ask them to take on the brunt of the work. Again, if someone gets injured, it can have major ramifications.

Speaking of your employees, it can be helpful to ask for suggestions during the planning process. Your employees have a good idea of the needs of their jobs, as well as some potential issues with your current office layout. You don’t have to take on every suggestion, but it’s worth learning about the needs of your employees. 

Once the office is renovated, you may see improvements to productivity and efficiency, as well as morale.

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