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The Amazing Toddler Carrier I Turn To Again and Again [Ergobaby Away!]

The Amazing Toddler Carrier I Turn To Again and Again [Ergobaby Away!]

Babywearing is not just for the infant years, in fact, finding a toddler carrier that worked for me changed the game during the toddler years! Whether you are embarking on a family adventure, tackling travel, or simply enjoying a quick outdoor outing, a reliable, comfortable, and convenient carrier is essential.

The Ergobaby Away Travel Carrier has quickly risen the ranks and become my favorite toddler carrier, blending the renowned Ergobaby comfort and innovation with features tailored for convenience. Let’s jump into why I have turned to this carrier again and again lately.

4 Reasons the Ergobaby Away is the Best Toddler Carrier

Compact and Convenient for On-the-Go Families

For families always on the move, the Ergobaby Away Travel Carrier’s integrated zipper pouch is a standout feature. This innovative design allows the carrier to be folded into a compact, portable pouch. It’s an ideal solution for parents who want the convenience of a toddler carrier without sacrificing space in their diaper bag, stroller basket, or luggage. This feature emphasizes the carrier’s role as an essential tool for on-the-go families, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

Plus, there is a hang loop so you can attach it to your stroller handlebars, suitcase, or bag! This means I ALWAYS have it with us and can turn to it when needed.

Lightweight Design for Maximum Portability

One of the most significant challenges parents face when choosing a toddler carrier is finding one that doesn’t add unnecessary weight to their load. The Ergobaby Away Travel Carrier addresses this concern head-on, weighing just over 1 pound.

This lightweight design ensures that parents can always have the carrier on hand without it being a burden, making it perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, or quick errands.

Comfort and Durability Through the Toddler Years

The Ergobaby brand is known for its commitment to comfort and durability, and the Away Travel Carrier continues this tradition. Designed to support children up to 35 lbs or 36 months, it ensures that parents can rely on it throughout the toddler years.

The option for front-facing or back carry adds versatility, allowing parents to choose the most comfortable position for both themselves and their toddler.

This carrier is designed for shorter periods of wearing, aligning with toddlers’ fluctuating desire for independence and closeness. However, it wouldn’t be my top choice for extended babywearing periods.

Transitioning from Infant to Toddler Carrying

I absolutely loved my Ergobaby Omni Breeze during the infant stage (check out all my favorite infant carriers here). It is extremely versatile and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The Omni Breeze does work for toddler wearing as well with an age limit of 4.

That being said, I just find myself reaching for the Away Travel Carrier more often with my toddler. The design caters specifically to the occasional but crucial need for carrying a toddler, providing a blend of comfort, convenience, and portability that is unmatched. It’s simplicity wins out here.

For parents navigating the toddler years, the Ergobaby Away Travel Carrier stands out as the best toddler carrier. Its lightweight, compact, and durable design ensures that it meets the needs of modern families. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, traveling, or simply going about your daily routine, the Ergobaby Away Travel Carrier is an indispensable tool that supports the adventure of parenting toddlers.

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