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Southside Bank automates workflows | Bank Automation News

Southside Bank automates workflows | Bank Automation News

Southside Bank is looking to Jack Henry’s Enterprise Workflow solution to automate tasks, freeing up human resources and sparking innovation. 

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After one year of using the solution, the $8.35 billion, Tyler, Texas-based bank had more than 15 automated workflows in production at the end of 2023, Executive Vice President of IT Operations Keith Leonhardt told Bank Automation News.

The bank has three team members dedicated to creating workflows, up from one last year, Leonhardt said. As more workflows are created, ideas for more workflows seem to spark, he said. 

Internal teams are now addressing issues with, “‘Can we build a workflow for that,’” he said. One workflow the bank has created is a stop payment automation. 

As Southside considers workflow ideas, it is also using Jack Henry’s JHA Marketplace, the tech provider’s collaboration center, to see what workflows other Jack Henry clients have created and shared, he said. 

The bank continues to implement workflow automation using Jack Henry’s solutions, Leonhardt said, noting that sharing ideas with other Jack Henry clients, “that’s a big leg up for us.” 

Editor’s note: Bank Automation News has updated this story to reflect Southside Bank’s current assets and EVP Keith Leonhardt’s title.

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