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How I Launch Profitable Online Courses In Just 5 Days | by Matt Giaro | The Startup | May, 2024

How I Launch Profitable Online Courses In Just 5 Days | by Matt Giaro | The Startup | May, 2024

When I first started creating courses, I thought that I had to package all my knowledge into one single course.

Big mistake.

It took me weeks to outline, gather all the information, design slides, write scripts, and record all the content.

It was too much work upfront. It was also useless and overwhelming for the students. People don’t buy your course to see everything you know. They buy a course to solve a specific problem.

In 2014, I had back surgery. I was two inches away from ending up in a wheelchair. When I first saw the surgeon, I didn’t want to hear everything he learned in medical school. I wanted him to fix my L4-L5 and S1-S2 disks.

Imagine your course as a surgery. Your students don’t care about the amount of info. It’s about the problem you solve and the outcome they’ll achieve. A winning course idea is never about a topic — it’s about a problem that needs to be solved. Let that sink in.

So how do I come up with winning course ideas? Simple. I look at problems first.

Whenever I solve a problem for myself or a client, or find a new strategy that works, I note it down to turn it into a course.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the common questions people ask me. For example, one client was overwhelmed about what tools to pick to create content, so I made a course about it.

Screenshot by the author

I launched it to my small list of 1,203 subscribers. 23 students bought it.

Not a best-seller, but not bad either. At $150 per sale, that’s $3,450 and a product I can promote anytime.

Another example…

If you’ve ever tried to build an email list, you know how hard it is. So, since October, I started sponsoring newsletters to grow my email list.

Six months later, I had spent over $2,131.59 and gained over 500 subscribers using this method. So I created a course about it called “Subscribers From Scratch.” It was a huge success.

Screenshot by the author (Course sales page)

Once I have a course idea, I head to step 2.

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