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Helin Doski – The Truth About Being A Mega Beauty Influencer

Helin Doski – The Truth About Being A Mega Beauty Influencer

In this episode I get to chat to the wonderful content creator Helin Doski.

Helin, who recently moved to Dubai, is followed by hundreds of thousands of people on TikTok and Instagram and on paper lives a dream life with incredible press trips, luxurious events and a wardrobe to die for, not forgetting her ability to influence more people than most politicians.

During the episode Helin talks honestly about the ups and downs of influencer life and why it isn’t always as perfect as it looks. She shares her father’s reaction to her career choise (she gave up a future in medicine to create content), the reality of influencer events in Dubai and why people don’t always get how much work goes into what she does. She also talks about her own insecurities.

Helin also talks about what she loves about her career and we do get to talking about beauty and some of the products that she has discovered and adores since entering this world.

I loved getting to know Helin and am so grateful to her for painting a rounded picture of a job that many people covet but don’t always fully understand.

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